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I've been in profesional football industries since more than 10 years ago when I decided to join PKNS FC as Fitness Coach cum Rehab Officers.

I still remembered i got an offer to further studies at New South Wales University under the sponsors from local university. I must finish my master degree within 2 years. Then, after the 2 years i have to service in the university for 10 years (if i not mistaken).

The the double offers came together at the same time with PKNS FC offer me higher basic salary with bonus winning same as player. Therefore, I get RM500 to RM5000 bonus winning game in every match at the time.

On the other hand, becoming a Master Degree student with fully sponsors by the university will enough for me to live in Aussie. And I belief I can make like .....
.... 100 to 300 Aussie Dollar per weeks by doing part time job abroad.

But, in my thought I have to start my salary at approximately around RM2000 to 2500 when I get back after the 2 years of studies. Which i already succeeded that amount of paid years before.

It is an opportunity cost i have to make... That was in 2005.. And I was 25 years old at the time.

Then, when the time i have make a choice, I choose to be on the field. I do practically on papers and field. Players get fitter. Body and Mind. The team in a good condition. Everyone play their roles and responsibility perfectly. We do not have Diva's in the team.

And that season PKNS FC earn 2nd place in the Liga Premier (2nd Division in Malaysia League).

Then, the next season I have transferred to higher division team. I signed new contract with Football Association of Selangor as an Head Rehab & Physio Dept. Here, I found a little bit different environment. At Selangor most of the players are already Superstars. We have Bambang Pamungkas, Ellie Aiboy and Bryan Fuentes as an import players. We have various of nation superstars at the time.

Shukor Adan, Sambagamaran, Surendran, Tarmini Saiban, Amri Yahya, Fadhil Hashim, Razman Roslan and many more. Most of the players were in national caps.

I need more than a week to adjust and adapt to the situation. Then, at the end of the year Selangor signed another 2 national hots strikers which is Safee Sali and Akmal Rizal Rakhli. And the challenge part is both were in post operation condition. They were being in operation theater for ACL Reconstruction.

When both were nationals important players, then I have to report their progress to FAS and FAM as well. It was hilarious.

But, then I think it was good experience for me. I felt delightful.

Okay, I think that enough because I bring everyone goes to far from the topics I want to write. Today after so many weeks I decided to write in English. It is regarding HIGHEST PAID JOB IN MALAYSIA.

It going across my mind to disagree with the news from local newspaper were appeared in one of my FB Friends name Siti Ainur timeline. And it interest me to comment here that I was particularly disagree with the Top 10 standings on the statements.

And I think the no 1 should be Malaysian Professional Football Players earn around RM80K to RM150K per months.

Here is some of the description:

Currently, I believe Football players salary higher than pilot...

Junior players earn around RM20K...

While Junior with National caps earn around RM28K to RM35K a month...

Seniors (ordinary player) earn RM35 to 45K.

Seniors with National caps earn around RM40k to 60K a month..

Seniors with superstar values earn around RM80k to 150k a month..

while officers to Football team earn around RM5k to 50K....depends on responsibilities and status...

Head Coach values RM20k to 50K per month depends on who u are? or how many cups u have won in previous seasons...

Coaches / Assistant coaches gets RM7K to 20K depends on the clubs and the coaches name... (if u are big name when ur are players long time before u gets more!!)

Profesionals staff gets RM7k to RM15K

Who is profesional staff?? they are Rehab & Physio's, Fitness Coach, Sports Nutritionist, Sports Biomechanics (this new position not all team have...)

Supporting profesionals gets RM4k to 6K
Masseur, Kitman, Coordinator

So, if u have a kids with gifted football skills u may think about to develop his skills and opportunities to play at higher junior leagues nationally. And the best way is to send ur kids to Football School!!

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